Smashwords sale alert + a spy fanfic

angel's eye-3D-series

Good news: all of my books are currently on sale on Smashwords – 25% off!

If you haven’t read The Sons of Gomorrah yet, it’s the right time to do so because my next book A Dragon for Sale (hopefully, it will be out soon) is set in the same alternate universe. It will be a stand-alone story, so you don’t have to read The Sons of Gomorrah first, but you can 😉

This trilogy will take you to the magical winter Prague – and A Dragon for Sale will show you Wales. There will be Welsh Dragons, Russian spies, and two military guys pining for each other.

While waiting for the edits, I’ve written one more spy story – a fanfic this time. My friend kept bombarding me with The Man from UNCLE fanfiction during the Moscow lockdown, so I was doomed to dive into this fandom 🙂 If you’re into slash fanfics (and don’t mind some angst), you can read The KGB Art of Seduction on AO3. And that’s my drawing of its characters, Napoleon and Illya.

Napoleon and Illya 1

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