Intimate Pressure 2

Meet Tristan and Jarek from my paranormal M/M series The Sons of Gomorrah. A freelance magician with a dark past and a lustful incubus with secrets of his own make quite a pair! I decided not to wait until Valentine’s Day and share this flash fic about them with you right now. Or should it be called a “flesh fic”? 😉

“Yes! Right there, yes!”
Tristan was rarely vocal when it came to physical sensations, but it seemed that tonight Jarek had set himself to elicit most undignified noises out of him. At the moment, Jarek’s dexterous fingers were kneading a very tender spot. No wonder Tristan couldn’t help an embarrassingly ecstatic moan. It had been muffled by the pillow, but not entirely.
“If I were interrogating you, I’d suspect you were about to break,” Jarek said with obvious satisfaction. “A stoic person like you making such desperate sounds… It means my methods are fairly efficient. Perhaps some additional pressure…”
Tristan responded with a low hum.
“…and you’re almost undone,” Jarek concluded smugly. “And it’s perfectly fine, by the way.”
For Tristan, it was still new and wondrous, admitting that yes, it was indeed fine to let go and simply enjoy himself—without doubts, without shame, without repentance. Lying on his stomach, totally at Jarek’s mercy, he felt at peace, his unquiet mind soothed for now.
After the Christmas he’d missed and everything that had happened next, every day, even a mundane one, was like a little celebration. Of still living. Of still being together. February in Prague wasn’t a very romantic month, put mildly, but such pedestrian things as cold weather and slush in the cobbled streets couldn’t spoil Tristan’s mood.
He made a grunt of protest when Jarek moved away from him. A tube clicked open.
“Shh. I’m warming up some more lotion for you,” Jarek murmured. “We don’t want uncomfortable friction, do we?”
It wasn’t an entirely rhetorical question. As they had found out, Tristan actually enjoyed sensations bordering on uncomfortable … and even more intense play at times. But now—yes, he admitted he’d rather relax and let Jarek tend to him. Nothing extreme today.
Smooth, rhythmic strokes… Firm but gentle pressure…
“Feels good?” Jarek asked, a smile in his voice.
Tristan sighed blissfully. “Yeah. Nothing beats a good shoulder massage after a day at work.”
Jarek laughed quietly and leaned down to whisper into his ear, “Well, I can think of a thing or two.”

If Tristan and Jarek caught your attention, you can find their full story here.

The cover for this story was made by Katherine Wyvern, fellow author and artist. By the way, we have a group on Facebook, The Ross and Wyvern Notorious Book Club, where we post naughty drawings, hot stories, and other interesting things. Feel free to join us 🙂

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